PSG Spotlight: Erica Christenson, Senior Landscape Architect

Erica Christianson, PLA
Erica Christenson, PLA

Authored by Erica Christenson, January 15, 2017

Time with LHB:
1.75 years

What’s your favorite LHB project you’ve worked on?
Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial Design Competition. LHB’s team was shortlisted to provide a design for a small but significant memorial to the 56 Minnesota Medal of Honor recipients on the State Capitol Grounds.

Why do Performance Services matter?
The global community is becoming aware and demanding it!

If you weren’t a Landscape Architect what would you be doing?
International Diplomat

Quick Bio:
I became involved in PSG because in order to provide a fully integrated, high performing project a team needs all areas of expertise at the table.  My background in project management and site design offers experience in the practice of getting things built.  That is the ultimate goal with this group – to lend additional tools and contribute knowledge to LHB’s already well-performing projects in order to build healthy, functioning environments. I came to LHB because of our reputation for holistic design, so it’s exciting to help implement strategies for securing that reputation while taking it to another level!


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