PSG Spotlight: Elizabeth Turner, Architect

Elizabeth Turner, AIA
Elizabeth Turner, AIA

Time with LHB:
4 years

What’s your favorite LHB project you’ve worked on?
The data visualization component of Regional Indicators Initiative’s website. I collaborated with a talented internal and external team to make it a reality. The website created a framework that allows the site visitors to explore the data and come to their own conclusions. I love going back to the Regional Indicators Initiative website several years after working on it, to view the updated data and continued use of the website – I think that’s the sign of a successful project.

Why do performance services matter?
We can flex our creativity, work collaboratively, and learn lessons from our existing built environment.

If you weren’t an Architect what would you be doing?
Professor in Architecture and Sustainability Studies

Quick Bio:
I initially got involved in Performance Services by splitting my time 50/50 between architecture and research projects. Currently, I am focusing more on architecture and working to integrate sustainable design into our existing projects. I recently became a Certified Passive House Consultant to offer another vehicle toward energy-efficient multifamily housing projects. While you won’t find me leading current research projects, I work behind the scenes to offer feedback and enable others to utilize and grow their knowledge and strengths. I am interested in bringing in new projects where we can design alternative work processes that are integrative and collaborative and fully utilize the unique skill sets of our group.

Authored by Elizabeth Turner, February 20, 2017

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