PSG Spotlight: Mauricio León, Energy and Climate Specialist

Mauricio Leon
Mauricio Leon, Energy and Climate Specialist

Time with LHB:
I started in June of 2016.

What’s your favorite LHB project?
The LoGoPEP Wedge Diagram Tool where I programmed the software and contributed at all stages of the design of a web-based application that allows local governments in Minnesota to see their historic carbon dioxide emissions and pick different strategies to reduce their forecasted emissions for future years. I enjoyed working with partners outside the company and with my colleagues here at LHB to deliver a product that could help cities in planning for a greener future.

Why do performance services matter?
We can enhance sustainability and promote the satisfaction of our clients by using metrics.

If you weren’t an Energy & Climate Specialist what would you be doing?
I would probably still be doing work related to the environment either as a community organizer, a scientist or working to become a professor. I dreamed of becoming a singer and composer, but I am not very talented at this!

Quick Bio:
My role is an Energy and Climate Specialist. You can think of me as a researcher. I am passionate about finding out how science and technology can help us create a more sustainable society.

At LHB, one of my main roles is to work with non-profit and academic partners in developing resources to assist local governments with their energy planning.  Local governments are going to be the ones that make the difference in mitigating and adapting to climate change. I am excited to be helping them in this process.

While completing my Master of Science at the University of Minnesota it became clear that today’s problems can be traced to our outdated energy system. One of the biggest challenges to progress is conflicting ideas on how to solve this energy dilemma. I joined LHB because I learned how the firm is using research and data-based approaches to contribute in this energy transition.  I feel energized because I am with an incredibly passionate group of people at LHB, in a state that is known for not being conformist.

Authored by Mauricio Leon, November 1, 2017

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