PSG Spotlight: Lindsey Kieffaber, Architectural Designer

Lindsey Kieffaber
Lindsey Kieffaber

Time with LHB:
2.5 years

What’s your favorite LHB project?
My favorite project was the Impacts of Office Plug Load Reduction Strategies study which researched how commercial offices could reduce plug load-related energy consumption. The project was done in partnership with CEE and Seventhwave – two leading sustainability engineering firms. My responsibility was to identify case studies that provided insight on how plug loads have been handled in high performance buildings. It was great to analyze other projects to identify trends in energy consumption.

Why do performance services matter?
Performance work/research informs specific projects and pushes architectural thinking.

If you weren’t an Architectural Designer what would you be doing?
I’d probably be a consultant in the energy industry focused on sustainability. I enjoy solving problems and working towards efficient solutions.

Quick Bio:
My role in LHB’s Performance Services Group (PSG) as an Architectural Designer is to integrate the knowledge base of the PSG into architecture projects. In addition to the plug load reduction study, I have worked on many interesting projects during my time with LHB including LEED Certification projects (EBOM & NC) and an affordable housing project pursuing PHIUS certification.

LHB caught my attention for the firm’s multi-dimensional focus on sustainability, and the ongoing research/consulting work on high performance at multiple scales. One of my undergraduate degrees is in Growth and Structure of Cities which involves looking at the anthropological reasons (political, environmental, economic, cultural, etc.) for the spatial organization of urban environments. My work experience prior to pursuing my Master of Architecture focused on sustainable building assembly and construction practices in affordable housing.

Authored by Lindsey Kieffaber, November 1, 2017

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